The hidden dangers of EMF!

Nowadays technology is readily accessible and faster.

However this comes at a heavy price!
Each one of these devices have been scientifically proven to emit electromagnetic field
(EMF) exposure. These artificial fields are harmful to human and animal organisms via our environment exposing us all to electromagnetic radiation, which in turn has been linked to the growth of chronic illness.

Everyday, human and animal organisms are exposed to both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation produced by natural EMF sources, such as sunlight, geomagnetic field, soil, plants, etc. The electromagnetic fields produced by these, forms an integral part of the natural habitat, thus being almost harmless for living beings. 

Within the last century, electromagnetic background has changed greatly due to a dramatic influx and chaotic increase in the number of man-made EMF sources, which cannot but entail significant consequences for all human and animal populations.

We  have come up with a device that reduces EMF emissions from our day-to-day peripherals without any consequences to both living organisms or EMF devices.

Easy to apply and with straightforward simple  instructions. 

Our stick-on devices comes with a choice for EMF emission above 450MHz frequency levels (mobile phones, modems/routers, laptops etc).


Our stick-on devices comes with a choice for below 450MHz (TV-sets, PC monitors, notebooks)

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