AquaPEM Portable Hydrogen Generator
    1. The most compact and the most productive portable hydrogen generator on the market!
    2. The concentration of hydrogen is many times greater than that of analogues. Test results are available.
    3. aquaPEM - better than PAINO, better than HELOBE, much better than HIBON!


    Main functions of hydrogen!


    • Molecular hydrogen acts mainly as: anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and cell repairing.
    • Because of the functions mentioned above, molecular hydrogen is widely used to fight against oxidative estress, to increase mitochondrial energy, enhance metabolism and beauty.
    • Selective anti-oxidation: hydrogen can selectively eliminate harmful free radicals and protect the beneficial oxygen radicals
    • Safety, high-efficiency and non-toxic side effects



    About Water: 

          Water is scentless, transparent, fresh and vital for all forms of life. It is the basis for existence for all plants and animals. 

          We are made up of 60-90% water. Children are 90% and elderly are at 60%.
    No other type of liquid can replace water for its functions to remove toxins, slag and poisons.
    Other forms of liquids cannot participate like water in a biochemical reactions. 

    Water doesn't only have a solvent function but also transport. Water helps to create structures of protein DNA, RNA, Micro and macro structures of life.

          According to the claims of modern medical science, free radicals of active oxygen are associated with 90 percent of all diseases. Active oxygen free radicals naturally occur after eating, modified from oxygen through breathing and enter the body from the environment. Too much active oxygen free radicals in the body can cause changes that can alter DNA structures.


    What is Hydrogen Water?

         The chemical element hydrogen, commonly called H2, constitutes approximately 75% of the universe. It consists of one electron atom, when bound together forms stable H2 molecules.

         Hydrogen serves as an antioxidant by scavenging toxic hydroxyl radical (the strongest of the oxidant species) and the potent oxidant peroxynitrite (formed by the reaction of superoxide and nitric oxide), but is far less effective in scavenging physiological radicals such as superoxide and nitric oxide, important (at low concentrations) as signalling molecules. Hydrogen has the ability to spread rapidly into tissue and effectively reach the nucleus and mitochondria, abling preventive effects on lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and the aging process. Hydrogen also passes through the blood-brain barrier, although most antioxidant compounds cannot do this.


    Properties of Hydrogen Water

    • It has the antioxidant effect that is 176 times greater than Vitamin C
    • It has the antioxidant effect that is 865 times greater than CoenzymeQ10
    • It is the safe drinking water with no side effect


    Why is Hydrogen so effective?

          Firstly, hydrogen acts as an extraordinary antioxidant, which decontaminates free radicals. Hydrogen releases electrons to hydroxyl radicals, stabilizes them and stops them. It also reduces the harmfulness of another oxidant - peroxynitrite - and increases the body's resistance by stimulating the production of natural antioxidants.
          Secondly, hydrogen has a positive effect on cell identification and gene expression. It inhibits TNF-alpha and other proteins involved in inflammatory processes, and activates mechanisms to prevent cell death.
          Thirdly, recent studies show that hydrogen-saturated water promotes the production of the ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin is best known for its appetite-stimulating effect, but it also stimulates growth hormone secretion, protects the brain, blood vessels, liver, and so on.
    Fourth, hydrogen "nano" molecules can penetrate through cell membranes, enter the mitochondria and the nucleus of the cell, pass the blood-brain barrier and act positively on the tissues and organs of the entire body.



           By treating water with this generator, the ratio of ORP to hydrogen ions is very good. The results obtained with the measurement of hydrogen by a conventional device (immersed in water), although superior to other devices, vary slightly. However, in the case of a test called H2Blue Eco Hydrogen, the Droplet Method, indicates the concentration of Hydrogen-enriched water, i.e. the same amount of water drops indicates that the device generates 2 or even 2.5 times more hydrogen ions.
           The higher the hydrogen concentration, the less water you need to drink. This is important if a person has kidney problems and has a limited daily consumption of water (in which it can be up to half a liter per day in severe cases), or if the body is swollen because the body accumulates liquids for some reason.
            There is a reduction valve that protects against excessive pressure in the vessel. A powerful proton membrane is one of the components that this high-quality hydrogen water generator is made with.

            The hydrogen generator cylinder is made of very high quality, plastic-free bisphenol A (BPA) - Tritane - is thick, durable and almost impossible to break. This is done to prevent pressure from breaking the device and is needed to get a higher amount of hydrogen ions.

    An airtight and watertight sealed construction. You can carry just the generator around itself which is very small and elegant, and alternatively place with a glass or plastic.


    How long does generated Hydrogen Water last:

           It is best to drink fresh hydrogen water within 1~3 hours of generation. Active hydrogen itself is stable as long as it is not heated.


    How does Hydrogen Water taste?

           With neither smell nor color generated Hydrogen water doesn't change the taste in anyway. However it has tiny water particles, which provide a soft and smooth feeling when swallowed.


    The beneficial properties and effects of drinking Hydrogen Water

           Hydrogen water enhances cell production making it extremely beneficial. it eliminates active oxygen known to be detrimental to the body. Consuming generated hydrogen-rich water raises the plasma and breath concentration. In many cell research, treating with hydrogen water has shown to have a significantly positive impact in pre-treatment of toxin, radiation, injury etc.


    Dehydration can cause:

    • Headaches 

    • Fatigue 

    • Dry skin 

    • High forms of acidity 

    • Inflammation 

    • Consumption 

    • Kidney stones 

    • Liver dysfunction 

    • Reducing toxins from the body etc.


              Hydrogen-enriched water is a promising, safe, simple and inexpensive therapy to enhance health, prevent disease and treat the most common health conditions.



    Applicable users:

    People of all ages

    AquaPEM Portable Hydrogen Generator

    SKU: Aqua-Water
    • Product specifications

      Battery voltage


      Battery capacity

      1250 mAh

      Charging time

      3.5-4 hours (Do not use while charging)

      Using time after fully charged

      3 minutes hydrogen generatingaround 18times

      9minutes hydrogen generatingaround 5-7 times





      Hydrogen Concentration (ppb)

      3 minutes hydrogen generating:

      1700 ~ 1900 PPB


      9minutes hydrogen generating: 

      3000 ~ 3700 PPB  

      ORP Level (mv)

      -400 ~ -600 mv



      Soft touch

      First color of light

      Beeping sound

      3 minutes

      2 times


      1 time

      9 minutes

      3 times


      2 times

      Turn off

      2 times



    • In the box included:

      1. Dual function hydrigen generator
      2. User manual
      3. USB cable
      4. Silica gel ring
      5. Silicon pad
    • Drinking Hydrogen water?

             In clinical trials, hydrogen can be used in three ways: inhalation, releasing hydrogenated physiological saline, and - the easiest, safest and most cost-effective way - drinking molecular hydrogen-saturated water.Hydrogen-enriched water can be produced by electrolysis (by coursing electricity through water), which splits the water H2O molecule into O2 and H2 molecules, which are then dissolved in water. Hydrogen easily spreads within the body and any excess hydrogen is discharged through exhalation, urine or sweat.