Equipose Value Pack 10 (buy 7 and get 3 for free)
  •      Value Pack 10: buy 7 and get 3 for free


        Equipose is the best available technology for protection from electromagnetic radiaton. It is intended for reduction of harmful EMF impact at frequency band higher than 450 MHz. Among devices with such frequency characteristic are: mobile communication devices (cell phones, smartphones, GSM modems, tablet PCs), radio telephones and mobile radio units, Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, as well as built-in Wi-Fi hotspots of tablet PCs, notebooks and e-book readers. EMF pattern produced by mobile phone and radiophone is directed upwards. The hologram is installed bellow the antenna to the inner part of the phone case (under the battery), to its back cover or to the battery itself. EMF-FREE operation starts as soon as the phone is switched on. It generates its own EMF by retranslating the field generated by the phone. These two fields interact with each other in a complicated way, as a result of which an initial EMF direction changes. It is worth mentioning that communication quality does not decay.


         Both Equipose models serve for reduction of harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on human and animals from cellphones, radiophones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TV, monitors, PC, portable radio stations, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers.


         The main advantage of Equipose in comparison with the other protective devices is that Equipose interacts only with electromagnetic fields when the emitter device is on. While working, Equipose does not affect people or animals and is completely safe. When emitter device is off Equipose stays neutral. 


         Equipose does not require any special treatment for working properly.

         Attention! The triangle in the center of the hologram should be directed downwards (unless instructed otherwise).


         EMF-FREE advantages:

    •    Environment friendly product;
    •    Easy and comfortable to use;
    •    Negative impact upon organism is not detected;
    •    Reliability and long operating life;
    •    Counterfeit-protected;
    •    Communication quality is not decreased;
    •    Additional power source is not required.


    •    reduction of EMF exposure enables health preservation and thus allows to reduce expenses for medical care and medicines;
    •    three-year warranty, operation life not less than 10 years;
    •    additional maintenance charges are not required;

    •    moderate price and availability for a wide group of consumers.


    Designed For:

    • Cellphones
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Wi-Fi Routers
    • Microwave Ovens




    • Equipose Device for cell phones, smartphones, GSM modems, tablet PCs
    • User's Manual
    • Installation Instruction


    Caution! For effective use follow the instruction.

    Equipose Value Pack 10 (buy 7 and get 3 for free)

    SKU: EQ-PH-7
    • Warranty

      Developer and manufacturer guarantees functioning of Equipose for at least 3 years, if used properly. Life time of the device is at least 10 years since start of use. Shelf life is not limited.

    • Installation Instruction

      Before installation read the manual.

      Peel off Equipose paper backing and immediately install on the device. Adhesive base will hold Equipose tightly on a smooth surface.

      Caution!  In order to avoid loss of protective features of Equipose avoid mechanical damage and do not reinstall Equipose on another device.